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Founded in 2013 and with 25 plus years of combined design experience, Specular Design Group strives to reflect their clients' business and vision in every product that they create. Taking the time to learn about each client, their industry, and what’s important to them, SDG is able to emulate that learned philosophy in each design.

This process allows for a more unique result and less of the cookie cutter, template-based, design that you see on the market today. The leadership of SDG each bring their own unique touch and design background to the company, as well as to each client. These distinctive styles can be seen in every project and allow for the company to better meet the diverse visual identity, branding, and marketing needs of every client.

The leadership team grew up in Buffalo, New York and have been friends since they were 5 years old. They have worked closely together on various projects for almost 20 years.

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Mr. Streit brings a decade of design experience in various mediums to SDG, as well as a strict philosophy that the company was built on: “our design reflects the client’s vision.” Phillip feels that this philosophy creates a true partnership between SDG and every client with an aligned goal, create a product that means something to the people it represents.

Phillip received his degree in Graphic Design in Buffalo, NY. Since then, his focus has been on freelance design work where he has amassed an impressive portfolio including, logos, business cards, promotional items, and apparel. His client base has been diverse and ranges from small start-ups to multi-million dollar businesses. He enjoys spending time with his family when he is not working.



Mr. Rizzi co-founded SDG and brings a diverse skill-set to the company which ranges from architectural to web design. His 10 plus years of experience as the Head of Design and Marketing for a successful real estate development company allowed him to learn the importance of team-building between the company and each client. Philip feels that these relationships are the key to a successful business in any field.

Philip graduated from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, School of Architecture and Planning with a B.A. in Environmental Design. Since then, his time has been spent as a freelance web designer, print media specialist, and in-house marketing and design manager.